We believe in supporting missions is our responsibility as the church. International Leadership Ministries, Inc. is making an impact in Honduras. A nonprofit Mission bringing hope to children and families of Honduras.  Founded in 2015 with goals of building feeding centers, providing education, clean water, food, mission teams and God's message. 

Honduras is riddled with poverty which led us to help this mission in reaching the beautiful people of this country. 

"We are steadfastly committed to nourishing the bodies and souls of these children so that they will not only survive, but thrive. They’re continued plight serves to remind me daily of the importance of perspective amid my own circumstances and the gratefulness that comes from the knowledge that when I wake tomorrow I will open my cabinets and see an abundance of food, a sight that will not greet the Honduran children tomorrow, unless together, we can continue the cause that we have all worked so tirelessly for".  -Paul Schmucker

We are reminded daily that we are all Children of God and we are deserving of his love and mercy. These children have done nothing except be born into a place, rich with culture, but severely lacking in life-sustaining resources.

Our mission to Honduras and the world is to spread the gospel message, grow the church, disciple the believer and be a service to those in need. 


Paul & Candy Schmucker

International Leadership Ministries 


Paramus Bible Church